Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bird Nest

An 18th-century ivory set from England. This small-cupped pattern is often called "Bird Nest" and looks like an English variation of Continental Selenus design.

The Knight head is pretty well worked for it's small size. It seems to have similarities with carvings of some French Knights from the same period.


Kurt Frankenberg said...

Hello, my father left me a full chess set done in ivory circa 1958. It was made in Hong Kong and has accompanying documentation. I am not an avid collector of ivory but I have respect for the pieces. Since I have small children I would rather see these ivory pieces in someone's collection than risk having them broken. Would you or anyone you know be interested to see them?

Blog Owner said...

No, I am not interested in modern Hong-Kong ivories. I do not know any antique collectors who could be.

semyonov said...

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Blog Owner said...

Well, it certainly is a grand set, very well carved and artistic, but it is fabulously expensive - one could get very interesting antiques for $150k. Besides that, I am not interested in jewelry. Besides that, I only collect antique sets. So I am not interested.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the response! I'll see who else might be interested. Enjoy your day... I'll give the address to this blog to whoever does end up collecting my set.

Cristina said...


I'm the editor of the e-magazine titled the Fine Art of Family. I came across your website while researching chess for this article about David DeLucia's extraordinary collection. I just posted it this morning and thought you and your readers might enjoy it:



Blog Owner said...

Dear Cristina

Thanks a lot for your interesting contribution.