Saturday, October 11, 2008


They constantly erect modern buildings next to grand and historical ones. The Tower of London looks like a puppet show decoration among the glass and concrete mountains.

Another example of this disgusting practice.

British humour?

Too bad that the 2-story buses are intended to be put out of use. They are fun to ride if you get a good place and great for sightseeing (and what a merry sight it is in the present case!)

Tourist items in 221B Baker Street (the Sherlock Holmes museum). One can see a horn Regence set often listed at eBay as vintage or antique among other brand new tourist chess sets. This one is interesting for two reasons. First, I did not have evidence that they are still producing them until today. Secondly, mind the White Knight with black base. Looks like something had gone wrong with either bleaching or staining process. They might make the both sides from one kind of horn after all, although the sets are usually listed as buffalo and cow horn. I do not know enough about that material to tell for sure but whatever the truth is, the piece on the picture does raise suspicions.

Mr. D. in action. The pictures are available at


Medieval bone playing pieces and dice exhibited in the Tower of London.

A gorgeous rock crystal chess piece from the 11th century exhibited in the Tower of London.