Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ivory pieces from an Indian set

Superior pieces from an ivory part set. Most probably of Indian manufacture from around 1820. The Queens are 9 cm tall. Unfortunately neither of the Kings have survived.

All pieces are monobloc, including Rooks with round bases and rectangular bodies. Turning holes can be seen in the both ends of pieces.

A similar set can be seen on the page of House of Staunton:
full set and a close view of some pieces.

Another such set was auctioned as a part of the Ettore Chiesa Collection at Christie's. See lot #90 in the catalogue.

Both these are of smaller size than my pieces.


Anonymous said...

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I've found 2 antique chess sets recently, one is an ivory set that may be from the 18th or 19th century, not sure of its origin, and the other is sterling silver and turned wood that I believe is from the Moghul period, early to mid 1700's. Could I send you some photos to get your opinion?

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